A new adventure begins…

eva lucia music and literature

Sometimes, you just got to jump without a parachute and try something completely new – and that’s what I have done.

Now starts a new chapter of my life with a blog about the glorious world of literature, books, poems, lyrics and much more. I will review books online via this website and hopefully meet other book-lovers out there.

Basic facts about me:
Eva Lucia
24 years old
Location: Denmark
Singer/songwriter: http://www.evaluciamusic.com
Bachelor of English Language & Literature + 1 year of Science of Literature
In love with music, art, history & literature


The world is so big, but yet so small…

It’s amazing how the world has grown so much smaller ever since the time of blogs, websites and various pages began their impact on modern society. These blogs or websites give the individual an opportunity to share his or her thoughts with people all around the world, meet others with same interest and hopefully create some eye-openers and inspiration!

That is exactly what I want to do! Being from a tiny country myself I, as many others, have had the need to travel and see what the world offers. On my travels I have met so many interesting and inspiring people that I sadly can’t see in my every-day-life. Fortunately, blogs and other communities have created platforms for where we are able to keep in contact and find more artists and enthusiatist with the same dreams, goals and creativity.

A new adventure begins, and hopefully, it will be a good one!

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