Just for the Record by Geri Halliwell


4 stars

“In 2002, Just For The Record was the book that everyone was talking about. Then in 2003, repackaged in a new, compact mass-market format,Just For The Record did it all over again being one of the most read books of the year.
Since the breakup of the Spice Girls, Geri has continued to intrigue the media and the masses. But how many of the stories are true? Just For The Record reveals all. With particular focus on her personal battle to overcome the eating disorders that have plagued her since childhood, and the stark reality of weight obsession, Geri shares the facts about life after the girl band. This is Geri’s story: revealing, frank, brutally honest, and at times shocking”.

I read “If only” (Geri Halliwell’s first autobiography), who mostly dealt with her childhood, her younger self living in London, traveling and trying to make a career of herself. It also deals with her time being a part of the Spice Girls and currently the time after her leaving it. I was very interested in reading it, because it had a lot of photographs from the early years in the Spice Girls and it was possible to see how their career went on. Her second book “Just for the Record” deals with her trying to figure out what to do after leaving the Spice Girls, it also focuses on her solo career and causes she wants to take part in.

Anyone who ever dealt with eating-disorders will seek comfort in this
and knowing that you’re never alone, even though the road seems lonesome and cruel. Anyone who ever had the feeling of losing yourself will be able to relate to Geri’s own personal journey out of bulimia.

A great deal of the book deals with eating-disorders, and how Geri struggled with it in many periods of her life. She describes how she counted calories, exercised very much, had bingers and how she tried to move onwards and get well again. It shows tiny bits of handwritten diary pages and makes it even more personal. The whole story shows the backside of fame and the question of you want to sacrifice this much just for fame?

The title “Just for the Record” (2 become 1) ♫♫

After reading the book, I browsed through it, looked at the many pictures and finally closed the book and looked at the front cover. The title made me smile because there are different ways of interpreting it.
“Just for the Record” shows the honest and personal story from Geri Halliwell’s point of view and it leads back to the theme of fame; if all of the hard work, sorrow and confusion are enough in the end. Geri Halliwell describes this herself: what will become of her? Is fame the right path for her? Is all her hard work just for the record?

Some say that you should only read this book, if you were (are) a mayor Spice Girls-fan, but they couldn’t be more wrong. “Just for the Record” is a book about moving on, finding yourself again after a crazy period of time, conquering the obstacles on your way and deal with the loss of life. I found it very beautiful to be allowed to peek inside of Geri Halliwell’s mind, her personal fears and dreams, and her revelation, when she realized that all of her fears were due to the loss of her father and that she never let herself be allowed to mourn after his death.

In the beginning I chose to read it because of all of the Spice Girls-stories, secrets and how it was to experience it all from the inside. But in the end, I was more drawn to Geri’s self-journey towards revelation – and in the end, salvation.

Geri is a jewel in a rough and I’m grateful for being allowed to get a peek inside of her mind.


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