Lady Windermere’s fan

Lady Windermere’s fan by Oscar Wilde


3 stars

“Beautiful, aristocratic, an adored wife and young mother, Lady Windermere is ‘a fascinating puritan’ whose severe moral code leads her to the brink of social suicide. The only one who can save her is the mysterious Mrs Erlynne whose scandalous relationship with Lord Windermere has prompted her fatal impulse. And Mrs Erlynne has a secret – a secret Lady Windermere must never know if she is to retain her peace of mind”.

I have always been drawn towards British literature and especially the 19th Century. Of course, it is mandatory when you’re studying English language and literature, but it is not until this year that I have read any of the literary works by Oscar Wilde. BUT he is indeed a fascinating author and excellent in playwrights!
Whenever I discover and get to know a new author, I always combine it with cultural places that I have visited. The connection with Oscar Wilde happened when I visited his grave in Paris. There are still marks of lipstick everywhere.
“Lady Windermere’s fan” is the story of Lady and Lord Windermere and the mysterious Mrs. Erlynne who somehow becomes a certain obstacle on their way – both good and bad.

Oscar Wilde shows in his writing style, he has a perfect image of how the different social classes of the 19th Century behaved. He has many clever and sharp remarks that not only criticize the elite, but they are also satirical.

“Scandal is gossip made tedious by morality.” 

The playwright “Lady Windermere’s fan” is about the British upper-middle classes and how they act and socialize. The parties and balls which they attend revolve around gossip, scandals and intrigue – which in fact is very entertaining to read. Of course, it is written as a play and there are often many characters to keep in mind, but the plot is interesting and sharp, so it’s easy to keep track off.

Oscar Wilde shows the reader an image of the past – and of the upper-class in Britain’s 19th Century with satirical comments, detailed descriptions about the many intrigues and allows the reader to have the gossip and the inside knowledge of the unique characters of the play.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” 

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