Paper Towns

Paper towns by john green


3 stars

“Paper Towns” is written by the American author, John Green. He has written other works, such as “The Fault in Our Stars”, “Looking for Alaska” and many more.

I was actually quite impressed while reading this book. My first reading experience by John Green was “The Fault in Our Stars”, which wasn’t as I expected. Everyone had told me I would be crying my eyes out through the entire book… I didn’t, but I still liked it very much. Of course, John Green has a talent and a beautiful idea behind all of it. He thinks outside of the box and of new ways to explore, and broaden your horizon. I actually decided not to read more contemporary literature, but a friend of mine tempted me into reading “Paper Towns”… And I haven’t regretted that.
I like the concept of “Paper Towns” and the fact that one of the main characters, Margo, wishes for something more than that. Even though, it takes place in a boring “paper town” and the plot revolves around high school students finishing their third year and getting ready for university, there are still many different angles to this reading.

“The town was paper, but the memories were not.”

I like that Margo creates this adventure for Quentin without even knowing it. Suddenly, he lives a little and skips school in order to find her and her clues. Because where is she? Will she come back? Or is she dead and has disappeared this earth that we know of? It takes him to new places and makes him try new things in his every-day-life. Margo is a mystery and this transferres the novel to a mystery itself!
It kept on being mysterious and it was well-written. It set the mind going about identity, your place in life and which direction to go. Do you avoid paper towns or do you by accident get stuck in them? Things are never as you expect them, but maybe that’s a good thing, though.

“It is easy to forget how full the world is of people, full to bursting, and each of them imaginable and consistently misimagined.”

In my mind, this wasn’t a typical John Green-romance and I really enjoyed that. It was the focus on how two individuals try to find themselves and not necessarily through each other.

It really enjoyed reading this book. Even though, the language is a bit too simple for my taste, the plot evolved quickly and it was an interesting journey to go on with Quentin, while trying to find Margo. I love when you get surprised when reading a book..
But yet again, things are never as you expect them to be…

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