The New Girl (Webster Grove #1)

The New Girl (Webster Grove #1) by tracie puckett

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When I read this book, I was hooked from the beginning. “New Girl” is part 1 out of 5, and I already know that I am going to read the next one. What can you say? Sometimes, a book just does everything for you. I started reading it and got so surprised because it was so good.

Of course, it’s girly, simple and full of love, but I couldn’t get enough while reading it. The main character, Steph, moves to a new town and starts a new life with her dysfunctional mother. Steph is a strong and bright girl and it clearly shows that she has grown up quickly and has a lot to offer in comparison to her mother. She is “the new girl” at high school and hopes to meet someone nice, and she does… Her teacher; Alex Rivera. Oh, forbidden love! (don’t stand so close to me).

“Crap. He’d caught me looking – staring, actually – and I had to come up with something that wouldn’t make me look like a blubbering idiot. Surely I couldn’t admit that I was watching him, wondering how on God’s green Earth he’d won the genetic lottery”

It’s the story of growing up as the new girl in town, finding your place and getting used to all the new things, while trying to fall “out” of love with your English teacher. Forbidden love is always a great element for a plot and it really works in this novel. You keep on reading and all of sudden, it’s finished… I would say that it was too short but maybe it’s because I liked it so much.

Even though, it is a simple plot and revolves around high school, it is a very good read. I’m looking forward to reading the next one! I’ll secretly be rooting for Steph…


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