True love

true love by jennifer lopez


4 stars

I have been a Jennifer Lopez-fan since I was 11 years old and bought her first cd. Now, I’m 25 years old and still loving her. I have been looking forward to reading this book in quite a while and I couldn’t stop reading when I first started. The book has its main focus on her world tour (“Dance Again”), where we get insight knowledge about costumes, choreography, songs and the process of it all. More importantly, Jennifer Lopez describes parenthood, her divorce from Marc Anthony and her self-journey; learning to love herself.

“It was as if something had been destroyed, something I’d worked so hard to build. Something beautiful was breaking that I’d once treasured. But in its painful destruction, I found freedom”


I have always been a fan because I’ve liked the songs, her personality and the fact that she has always been a fighter; growing up in the Bronx, sleeping in a bed with her two sisters while her parents worked extra jobs, so they could get better lives and get into well-educated schools. She made the track team and worked hard to become the best, both at running and dancing. She learned the hard way, which I really respect her for. When I attended her “Dance Again… World Tour”, she was incredibly down to earth and sweet. I spent 15 minutes just talking and smiling to us in the audience. It was obvious that she was proud of who she had become.

The journey was long. Self-doubt, divorce, heartbreak and low self-esteem are some of the things that Jennifer Lopez had to go through. It was really interesting to read all of this described in words, because of all a sudden this diva and entertainer we know, was just a regular woman with regular problems as the rest of us.

“Sometimes you have to explore the darkness to get to the light and get back to who you are”

I absolutely loved hearing this smart and interesting story of Jennifer’s self-journey. It’s obvious that she has grown and learn so much during the last years of her divorce and afterwards. Jennifer Lopez is a fascinating and inspiring woman and I was very impressed when I read all of her personal thoughts on her life, love, parenthood and being in the centre of the media hysteria. She is incredibly smart and has so much heart.

I wish for Jennifer Lopez that she continually will dance, love… and dance again!



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