Fra bly til farver af Leo Nielsen


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“Fra bly til farver” af Leo Nielsen / “From chalk to colours” by Leo Nielsen

My grandfather is 94 years old and is still going strong. He has been and still is such an inspiration to me. With a pencil in his hand, he creates art as simply as we breathe. His art is a combination of nature, love, memories from his travels with my grandmother and insights of his career as a painter.
Last year, he put all of his paintings into a creative product that became book. With the help of my aunt, the talented photographer, Sussie Bell, they manage to choose the paintings that would represent him and show his inspiring life as a painter. There are paintings from the early days, from the time when he started to paint (only 16 years old) and until his early 90s.
I am very proud of what he has achieved. His paintings are hanging on the wall in my home. As a musician, creative mind and a book blogger, I would like to give you this insight of a beautiful and creative artist. In this video, I will show the inside of the book. Hopefully, it will inspire you as much as it inspired me!


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