Hotel by caryl churchill


3 stars

Hotel is a play that is written by Caryl Churchill
I would say that it is one of those plays you have to see live, simply to capture the essence of it. There were so many different elements in this, but at times, it was very confusing because the text and dialogue would not reveal anything. You simply have to visual everything, and even better; see it in a theatrical setting. I haven’t read much drama, but I’m still quite fascinated by it. I’ve mostly been reading works by Samuel Beckett and playwrights by Oscar Wilde. It’s all quite new to me. While I can easily put the others into categories and work them out in my mind, this simply doesn’t make sense to me.

Will I still have a shadow?
Will I still have a mind?
Wind blow through
Will invisible eyes still see?

Although, it was only 40 pages long, there were several elements of it that I really liked. The language was beautiful and very inspiring at times; deep, dark and full of symbolism. Another matter I enjoyed was the fact that everything happens over two nights; and the fact that no one really knows what is going on. I am sure that none of the characters in the 8 rooms have experienced the exact same nights, even though they were staying in the same hotel. In the darkness, everything will not be revealed. The bad will not be seen and the good will be hidden in the shades. Who knows, maybe the characters know as little as the reader looking down on the pages?
Who will leave the hotel in the morning and be their selves? Who would have managed to figure everything out?
In a room anything can happen…

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