Hansel & Gretel by Neil Gaiman + Lorenzo Mattotti

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Title: Hansel & Gretel – Author: Neil Gaiman + Lorenzo Mattotti


Hansel & Gretel is a re-imagined version written by Neil Gaiman. The American author, Neil Gaiman, is mostly known for his novels “The Ocean the End of The Lane”, “Stardust” and “Neverwhere”. This is of course a different kind of work to do a review of due to the fact that it is a well-known work written by the Grimm Brothers several years ago.

Nonetheless, when Neil Gaiman puts his creative touch on something, it’s difficult to be objective, because his mind is so special and unique. It really speaks to me and it keeps on intriguing me, whenever I read some of his works.

The book is beautifully made and the language is well-written. Together, Neil Gaiman and Lorenzo Mattoti function great as a mix. It’s very obvious that Lorenzo Mattoti has been able to capture the idea of Neil Gaiman’s dark and symbolic universe. His illustrations are very powerful, dark and frightening, but goes perfectly with the story.

”The day waned and twilight felt, and the shadows crept out from beneath each tree and puddled and pooled until the world was one huge shadow. ‘He is not coming back for us’, said Hansel”

Neil Gaiman and Lorenzo Mattoti have definitely created a great literary work. Even though, there is not that much new to the story, as we know it, which for some is a bit disappointing. I myself didn’t expect anything, so I just opened up the book and let myself be drawn into his magical, dark and extraordinary literary universe, which Neil Gaiman always manage to produce.
The reader simply opens up a door and steps into a fairy tale…

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