George IV

George IV by E. A. Smith


3 stars

E. A. Smith presents the reader with a thorough and detailed biography, where we read and learn about the historical figure, George IV, his life, his relationships with different women and his attempt to deal with politics, both internal and external in the early 1900s. It was a time when the French Revolution lured upon Europe and created political insecurity in all of Europe, which had an effect on Britain too.

It is obvious that several historians and writers have approached the subject with George IV and his bad reputation and simply looking at his faults and how he maybe wasn’t the perfect (I’m nice!) and ideal image of a monarchal leader. George IV has been described as the reason for the decline of the British power and that he as a person was rather horrible.

However, E. A. Smith looks besides his fault and try to bring out a lighter image of what happened in George IV’s reign, his past and family relations. Through a chronological browse through from birth to death, we are introduced to a certain historical figure in the British history.
It is well-written, detailed and one learns a lot along the way…

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