The Couple Who Fell To Earth by Michelle Bitting


Titel: The Couple Who Fell To Earth – Forfatter: Michelle Bitting – Thanks to Poetic Book Tours for including my review!


”The Couple Who Fell To Earth” is a poetry collection written by Michelle Bitting.
The poetry collection consists of 5 different sections, which are all connected to a certain theme, e.g. the titles; Earth, Heart, Immanent, Body, Wind and finally, an epilogue.

When you as a reader glance through the contents, it wakes up your senses and makes your interest grow. All of the different poems’ titles fit the sections they are divided into, and it’s very interesting to see how Beginnings is a reference to Earth, and Aphrodite in Los Angeles fits the theme of Wind.
I have always been really fascinated by poetry and what it does to the soul. How can one not read poetry? How can one not love it?

To me, poetry is everything and still undefined. I love the classic poetry – the love and the suffering, and I am amazed of how contemporary poetry is still able to show the same aspects of life, love and humankind. Even if it’s done with modern descriptions, it clearly still shows an aspect of the certain time which we live in today.

“heat of the noble
night that will carry us,
tongue and thigh
entwined and shuddering
against our own coming history”
(from The Goods)

Poetry sets my mind going. What does life do the modern human being? How does love affect us? How does suffering influence our mind? I found it very interesting to see how this poetry collection was divided into sections (although I know, this is not the most important bit to show you, literature lover, in a review!)
BUT the sections reflect basic universal elements, e.g. earth and wind, which we naturally connect to water and fire. Furthermore, there are two sections that deal with heart and body.
… The question now is, if we divide these two or if we combine them? Can love live vicariously through the heart or does it need “some help” from the body?
Do we really feel love in our veins or do emotions allow us to feel this way?

“where I inevitably fall
and never mind the drowning.
Where my pendant heart gleams
beneath grassy cliffs
and opaque plummet,
the drowsy waves that beckon
as the lighthouse sways
between the buttons,
beaming its code
from a conflicted core
that warns:
it’s not always becoming
to follow yourself home”
(from Nemesis Necklace)

The writing style is very interesting and must be mentioned. In the poetry, there are a lot of nouns, often connected to everyday life, and often very descriptive, so it makes it easier for the reader to visualize the situations, feelings or actions described. It may seem simplified, although it is complicated in the poetry’s composition. Furthermore, there are many sensuous descriptions that allow the reader to remember, visualize its own memories and imagine scenarios, myths or ancient history. The following elements are mentioned, e.g. authors, history through time, ancient history, important authors and philosophers, Greek mythology, legends, etc.

A poem that really blew me away was The Couple Who Fell To Earth. While reading it, I was extremely impressed by the poet’s ability to make the reader: 1) lose its breath, 2) be completely drawn into the literary universe and 3) truly experience the cruel temptation of what love does and how it conquers.

“And to think we slept through it all,
though the dream kept smacking us
with every surge of the sea’s cold blade.
We are the lion
and the lamb,
the tooth in the flesh,
flaming halo and silken curl,
the wounded bird and coming ecstasy,
this kingdom we’ve built till death do us part”
(from The Couple Who Fell To Earth)

I could keep going on (and on… and on… and on!) about how poetry affects us when we read it. Poetry makes us feel, suffer, reflect and allows us to reminiscence. This poetry collection is certainly symbolizes of great poetry itself; symbolism, metaphors, puns, detailed research, historical and mythological references which support the written words, and finally, an imagination that is shining like thousands of small stars in the sky.

Michelle Bitting has done an amazing job with this poetry collection and I will definitely spread the word about this magical experience I just had. It’s as if I was the single which fell to earth “looking up saw the still dark sky lit with a few bright stars” (from Epiphany II)


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