Ergon by George HS Singer

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Thanks to Poetic Book Tours for always sending me great poetry and literature!


”Ergon” by George HS Singer represents the new category of modern poetry along with poets like Anne Carson, Meira Cook and Rebecca Foust. There is no doubt that George HS Singer’s poetry is intelligent, filled with extra poetic layers and at the same time, it shows diversity and takes up different themes and subjects which are relevant today.

I really liked the idea of Ergon being the heart of creativity:

“Ergon: The core function or purpose of something or someone. Virtue arises when the ergon is realized fully”. This quote by Aristotle also emphasises on the fact that Singer carefully has planned every step of his creative output. Using quotes and references from classic literature especially helps the meaning come forward and I have always appreciated this element of blending ancient literature and modern literature. It always creates an interesting outcome and at the same time, the references and quotes are helping the metaphors, symbols and language stand on their own.


“To the sphere of celestial fire where the souls
of extinct birds are turned into gems
because it is a heaven of splendid light
and light nests in jewels”
(from the poem “Where They Go When They Are Gone”)

Especially this piece above is one of my favourite bits in the entire poetry collection, although they are many more to explore. With beautiful adjectives, symbols and a great deal of sensuous descriptions, George HS Singer gives us the need to wish to read poetry again.

It should be mentioned that this poetry is supposed to be read more than once. This is obviously a good thing because true poetry lets you forget your surroundings – it simply lets you dive into another universe, in this case, literary. Singer’s writing style is advanced and the poet steps lightly and cares for every word in each of the poems presented in this poetry collection.

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