Chaos Comes to Longbourn

Chaos Comes to Longbourn
by Victoria Kincaid

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“Chaos Comes to Longbourn” is written by Victoria Kincaid.

Let me first of all say that when I was asked if I wanted to read this novel, my first thought was “YAY!”

I am Jane Austen-fan indeed. Usually I am not really into fanfiction at all, but it seems like Jane Austen-fanfiction is getting better and better. Especially this novel is living proof it! It is obvious that the author has researched a lot before writing it, because the language is spot on and creates many associations in the reader’s mind.

I have always been a fan of Jane Austen. There is so much in this literary universe to take in: strong protagonists (strong women), an insight of a specific historical period, vivid descriptions of British towns and countrylife, and so much more.

“By the time the music commenced, there were four betrothed couples standing up together. No one was smiling”.

When I first stepped out of the train station in Bath (when I visited in July 2013), I could feel this certain atmosphere and it has followed me ever since, whenever I browse through my Jane Austen-novels on my bookshelf, watch a movie or see something that creates associations. The question is: why do we love Jane Austen so much? One could only wonder, even though there are many examples which could explain our fascination with this talented female author.

Victoria Kincaid really lets the reader dwell in this atmosphere of tea, biscuits, hats and drama. As said before, the language is great, which makes the pace of the reading quick and playful. There is a lot of humour, drama, love and typically “over the top”-dramatic scenes, which makes it so easy for the reader to enjoy.

Already from the first page, there is action and excitement, which makes it even more fascinating to “dive into”. Our beloved characters are introduced and we quickly remember how we feel and think about them – especially the guys.


“”Oh, Good Lord, how long have I been staring at her?” He knew there was some reason he should not stare, should not kiss her… Then reality came crashing back into his memory”.

Even though, Jane Austen wrote her novels so long ago, the love for her work has only grown stronger and it is with great pleasure that we still read her novels today. Even fanfiction as Victoria Kincaid makes this specific world so fascinating and loved!

“Chaos Comes to Longbourne” is indeed a pageturner. It’s playful, fun and full of laughs and scandals. While we cheer for Darcy and Elizabeth, the drama unfolds…

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