Composing Temple Sunrise: Overcoming Writer’s Block at Burning Man

Composing Temple Sunrise: Overcoming Writer’s Block at Burning Man
by Hassan El-Tayyab

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“Composing Temple Sunrise: Overcoming Writer’s Block at Burning Man” is written by Hassan El-Tayyab, who is an author and a Musician. The book presents different themes that anyone can identify with, e.g. coming of age, going through an existential cricis, figuring out what truly matters and what one’s heart really wants – not simply what society expects of you. The elements in the memoir are universal and it’s so easy to understand the protagonists’ feelings and thoughts concerning his life.

“I’ll probably be sorting this out my whole life in some way. The worst part about it all was that I felt completely alone. There was nothing anyone could do or say to make it better. It was my burden to carry”.

The protagonist gets fired, leaves his hometown and goes on a mind-altering roadtrip across the country. It’s the typical journey that leads to self-realization and memories for life. It’s obvious that our main character has dealt with loss, e.g. family, love, home and most importantly, the loss of his identity. He is homeless and without ground, both geographically and psychologically, which is a leading element in most contemporary works. Naturally, it is what the modern individual goes through. A search for identity and the feeling of belonging somewhere – at least, internally.

“When we were done, I gazed at Fishbug and everyone around it. Friends, I thought. Gary brought out his six-string guitar and began to play as we enjoyed flame effects and lukewarm whiskey. The crescent moon hung in the sky like a crooked smile of the Cheshire cat just above the eastern mountains”.

As I really liked the concept of this novel and naturally the creative aspects (being a singer songwriter myself), I sometimes felt that something was missing. I wonder if the language of the novel and writing style could have been communicated better. Sadly, I sometimes felt that it was action upon action, and that it missed a type of flow. However, the thoughts and themes presented, and the whole idea of self-journey.

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