A Pocket Guide to Writing in History

A Pocket Guide to Writing in History
by Mary Lynn Rampolla

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4 stars

A Pocket Guide to Writing in History” is a short but detailed description and introduction of how the academic student deals with history: how to read it, how to understand it and why we read history.

I used this source for an exam which dealt with a specific time period of British literature. When looking into literature, one cannot avoid looking into the same historical period and what occurred. In the course we investigated many historical sources, talked about the canon and which literary pieces are considered as canon material. Furthermore, we had many discussions on why we read and how we read it.

To interesting quotes I stumbled upon in “A Pocket Guide to Writing in History” were the following:

“The historian’s goal is not to collect “facts” about the past, but rather to acquire insight into the ideas and realities that shaped the lives of men and women of earlier societies […] when we study the people of the past, what we are really learning about is the rich diversity of human experience”.


– “An examination of the past can tell us a great deal about how we came to be who we are. When we study history, we are looking at the roots of modern institutions, ideas, values and problems”.


Naturally, it is important to know more about our past in order to explore and examine our present and future, both sociologically, politically and historically. This short introduction to history sets the mind going and presents an easy introduction to history from an academical aspect.

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