Sex and the City by Candace Bushnell

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Titel: Sex and the city– Forfatter: Candace Bushnell – Forlag: Lindhart & Ringhof 


Of course, I have seen the series. Several times, I must admit! I always knew that there was a book but my passion for the series has been so big, so I’ve been dragged back to the screen.
However, when I for the first time visited New York in May 2016 I couldn’t help but wonder and decided to read it. I thought it was the most appropriate choice.

While walking the streets of New York, visiting Carrie’s apartment in the Village, Tiffany’s, New York Public Library, Central Park and all the other sights from the TV-show, I spent my nights battling jetlag while reading “Sex and the City” – and it made my trip complete.

Many have critized the book for being too different from the TV-series that we know so well; too many differences, not enough personal thoughts from the characters and some altering changes. I must admit that I really liked it. I was impressed by Candace Bushnell’s writing style. She is a talented author who really knows her characters and with few descriptions it is so easy to either imply or characterize the stereotypes that we know from our own life, and most importantly, the TV-show. There were so many elements which were hinted between the lines and the unsaid dialogues. This makes the reader reflect and imagine the characters more vividly.

“The universe may not always play fair, but at least it’s got a hell of a sense of humor.”

The language is funny, satirical and I love all the anecdotes which are included in the plot. I wonder if she really knew people like this, because it seems so likely to meet these types in wonderful and colourful New York.

Naturally, the TV-series is different than the book, but I think that the book had a lot of potential, even though it differs. I totally understand why the chose this book as a stepping stone for this popular TV-series.


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