Sensing Light by Mark A. Jacobson


*Reklame* – Titel: Sensing Light – Forfatter: Mark A. Jacobson – Anmeldereksemplar fra Poetic Book Tours!


In 1979, an epidemic begins… AIDS. Four deadly letters. ”Sensing Light” is a novel based on the topic and written by Mark A. Jacobson.

The novel presents with a heavy topic that been on people’s mind for a while. Even though, it was brought to our attention a long time ago, it is still a topic. Every now and then, the media takes it up. Not long ago in Denmark, a “kissing video” was made – whether or not, people dared to kiss people who had AIDS or HIV. The first novel I read which focused on the issue was “Tell the Wolves I’m home” by Carol Rifka Brunt. I was very impressed while reading it, and it was interesting to see when describing the early 80s, AIDS and HIV were still taboo.

“Sensing Light” is beautifully written, and it is obvious that the author has done his research (working as a professor in medicine at university level). I enjoyed reading the novel as it presents a heavy issue while giving us an insight of different characters with different dilemmas, while the truth on AIDS is finally coming to people’s attention.

While reading the novel, I felt that the characters were somehow “hard” to reach. It was as it was simply unknown individuals – pieces of a big puzzle – which were supposed to bring us the truth.

“The sadness doesn’t stay with you, doesn’t bleed into the rest of life?”
“Not anymore.”
“That’s a neat trick,” sighed Gwen. “I need to learn how to do it.”

At times, I personally think that the language filled terminology made my reading more difficult, but I still enjoyed it. I just had to stay more alert. Mark A. Jacobson knows how to use storytelling in his literary universe. It is easy to feel and sense the feelings, issues and psychological aspects of the characters, which made it very real to read. Very honest, brutal – but real.

“Sensing Light” is a very interesting novel which focuses on many issues and how the individual tries to survive it all. The plot makes the reader wonder and you suddenly get the feeling that life is fragile but worth living to the fullest.

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