Among the Lost by Seth Steinzor


Title: Among the Lost – Author: Seth Steinzor – For review: Poetic Book Tours


Among the Lost – In Dante’s Wake Book 2 is written by Seth Steinzor, and is the second book of a trilogy. Although, I have not read the first book in the series, it was easy to understand the plot and where the author wishes to take us.

“Finding her, of course, is the only option,
now that she’s sent for me, a third of a
century after her death. I cry for her,
crouched among dandelions and thistles:
for her, to her, not sure which it is or
if these tears will wash us closer”

Inspired by Dante’s Inferno, Seth Steinzor succeeds in mixing old, traditional writing with modern elements. His writing style is very nicely presented to the reader and it is simply professional. The language is beautiful and lyrical – and full of nature descriptions, which I especially love. It makes it very easy for the reader to feel everything that the protagonist experiences and goes through.

Sadly, I have not yet read (the original) Dante’s Inferno, but after reading this book, I feel so inspired and ready to dive into this literary set up. Furthermore, I really enjoy reading books by authors, who are so completely inspired by a certain fictional work. In this case, it is so obvious that Seth Steinzor cherishes this literary world near his heart. This can be felt in every word, when reading it.

“hidden in the grasses’ shadow
deep in the bottom of earth’s shadow’s cone this
clear, clear, moonless night
In the forest, darkness submerged and confined us.
Here, it’s receded waist deep
among the grasses part of me wades through and
part glides above as if floating”

I will gladly recommend this book to the one who loves Dante and for the literature-book-lover, in general. No matter which kind of knowledge one may have on this subject, it is a beautifully written book.

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