Essential Reading & Study Guide by K.V. Dominic


Title: Essential Reading & Study Guide – Author: K. V. Dominic – Review by Poetic Book Tours: ebook


Essential Reading & Study Guide is written by K.V. Dominic. The poetry collection is described as the following: “poems about social justice, women’s right and the environment.

There is no doubt that this interesting and fascinating poetry collection circles around factors, such as culture, socio-culture and modern society right now. It is very relevant and deals with current issues, e.g. tsunami, poverty, terrorism (which are all mentioned in the poetry collection).

What really captivated me, while I was reading the poems, was the insight of current culture. I love to travel and there is definitely so much to learn when traveling other countries, meeting new people and being introduced to new cultures, and traditions. Many of the descriptions were very vivid and sensuous, which made it so honest and beautiful. On the other hand, many of the observations were also very sad and brutal. This dualism truly shows itself in the work, which is an interesting aspect.


“Is human species so belligerent and destructive?
Aren’t the masses peace lovers, benevolent and compassionate?
Why then such a huge waste for defence unnecessary?
Why create tension at the borders?
A means to divert subjects’ attention
and muffle mass’ protest against corruption?”

As mentioned before, the poetry collection deals with many factors, but what I liked the most was the way K.V. Dominic achieves to make human-kind, faith and hope, his main issues. It is what I remember when thinking back of this literary work.

It sets the mind going whether or not Dominic is in fact questioning human-kind. Does the poetry collection show criticism or is it rather a heads-up to stay positive and be kind to one another?

“Om, the birth-cry of this world;
the very first sound echoing everywhere;
the rhythm of all creations;
from atoms to stars
Om goes on ringing.
Combination of three letters,
representing Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma,
and meaning Brahman.
Father of all mantras;
past and future live in this sound.”

While presenting a poetry collection written in free verse, which sets its focus on contemporary issues, e.g. politics, inequality and human kind, there are many questions to wonder about. So, while reading these wonderful poems, there are still time to stop and reflect upon the written words. The essential reading and the study guide questions for students are also a really interesting feature, which I am sure, many will enjoy.

In conclusion, K.V. Dominic has created a literary piece, which is thought-provoking and interesting, which questions many aspects of life. Perhaps it will give us the courage to stop and breath – and reflect.

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