Modern Literary Theory: A Reader by Patricia Waugh


Titel: Modern Literary Theory: A Reader – Forfatter: Patricia Waugh


Modern Literary Theory: A Reader by Patricia Waugh is an excellent tool to use for academic, theoretical and analytical approaches for studying literature in general. I used this source for my MA studies in English literature (in 2015) and found it very informal and a fine guide to reading and learning more about literary theory.

It deals with different theories, for example structuralism, formalism, Marxism, feminism, deconstruction, gender, textuality, postmodernism, criticism, value of reading etc. I specifically enjoyed the parts about Harold Bloom and his thoughts on reading literature.

However, this source is written in an academic and sometimes difficult language. The content is detailed and very thorough but it could have been conveyed better to the reader. If you agree, I would recommend A Reader’s Guide to Contemporary Literary Theory by Raman Selden. It varies a bit in content but is mostly the same – and very easy to read and understand. This actually saved me in my understanding of the content.


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