The Armies of the Night: History as a Novel, the Novel as History by Norman Mailer

The Armies of the Night: History as a Novel, the Novel as History

Titel: The Armies of the Night – Forfatter: Norman Mailer


Many from the opponent side demonstrated against the war, and both famous authors and artists of the time showed their support to the anti-war organizations. An example is Norman Mailer with his work ‘The Armies of the Night’, where a group consisting of young men, artists, professors at universities and people from the church show their opinion about the war and peacefully try to submit their draft cards.

Junior Chaplin from Yale University gives a speech and claims;
“They know what a dirty, bloody war it is. But they have been told that the ends justify the means, and that the cleansing water of victory will wash clean their hands […] what they must strive to understand, hard as it is, is that there can be no cleansing water if military victory spells moral defeat”.

Their opinion is that the war was simply wrong. Earlier, men were excused because of religious matters, but now, they should still have the right to choose to participate in the war or not. Norman Mailer symbolizes a group that does not support the war. Furthermore, they think it should be allowed not to participate and support it, even though they sympathize with the soldiers and relatives, but not the purpose of the war.

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