England in the Nineteenth Century, 1815-1914 by David Thomson


Title: England in the Nineteenth Century, 1815-1914 – Author: David Thomson – Publishing house: Pelican


This is a series of history books which cover various periods in English (British) history. Although the books are rather old and newer sources should be used as supplement, they still contain a lot of information and useful theories in a concise form. They were written mainly by respected historians from Cambridge and Oxford Universities. The individual volumes have been reprinted numerous times, and it is still possible to get hold of them.

Suggested reading:

Volume 7: “England in the Eighteenth Century”, J.H. Plumb (Penguin 1950; reprinted and revised 1963), Part III, Chapter 1: “The Course of the Industrial Revolution 1784-1815” (pp.144-154) + Chapter 3:”Art and Science 1784-1815” (pp.163-170)

Volume 8: “England in the Nineteenth Century, David Thomson (Penguin 1950, reprinted and revised 1979), relevant sections in Parts I and II, (1815-1851 + 1851-1874).

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