Det uhyggelige af Sigmund Freud

a (5).JPG

Titel: Det Uhyggelige – Forfatter: Sigmund Freud – Forlag: Rævens Sorte Bibliotek


Like literature in general, you can agree and disagree if you like the different ideas and theories of how to approach it.

Personally, I love Freud’s theory, specifically this one about the uncanny.
I have used it for a paper on Gothic fiction of the 1800s, and even though, my main focus was Mary Shelley’sFrankenstein, it inspired me to work with more of the classic novels, such as Robert Louis Stevenson’s Jekyll & Hyde, Bram Stoker’s Dracula and even Hans Christian Andersen’s The Shadow (which I can always recommend!), where it is obvious that his theory on the uncanny presents information about the human mind which is split into two.

“Whoever possesses something that is at once valuable and fragile is afraid of other people’s envy, in so far as he projects on to them the envy he would have felt in their place.”

The mind works in mysterious ways and that is very clearly seen in Sigmund Freud’s theoretical approach to literature.

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